Whether you are in a health crisis or have no symptoms, going to your chiropractor for care can make your body communicate well so you express your true self and the health that is your birthright.

You have the potential to heal, express health, and live the life you want to live.


Most complaints are secondary reactions to a primary cause or process. I locate and correct vertebral subluxations that can be the primary cause of many different complaints such as pain, discomfort, decreased performance, etc.

Assisting You On Your Journey of Health

Your body’s natural, adaptable geometry can hold stress and interfere with your life and your ability to heal. That is where chiropractic comes in–releasing the stored in stress in your body clears the interference and allows your body to heal and express its  natural expression of health allowing you to be successful in the endeavors you choose.

No Exceptions

No matter where you are health-wise, life-wise, and goal-wise; Relieving the stress and interference can help you express your potential and be happy in life. You are meant to be healthy, happy and powerful. You are born with everything you need to grow, evolve, and flourish in life. When you are feeling uncomfortable and hurting it is because your inner wisdom is being blocked from expressing itself. Chiropractic releases these blocks so you can express your authentic self.

Invest in your health

Invest in your health. Health allows you to succeed and stay in the game with what you decide to do with your life. You have the power to live a healthy and successful life. Why live in pain and mediocre? It is time to get the power flowing through you. Come see a chiropractor and get adjusted!


Your nervous system allows your body to adapt and function in your everyday lives.

Interference to our nervous system is called a subluxation. They can form from traumas, emotions, and toxins.

When you are subluxated you may feel tired, grumpy, worn out. Pain and discomfort can also develop. You may feel not yourself or out of touch with your body.

While receiving frequent adjustments you may feel happier, healthier and more motivated to take beneficial steps towards health. Usually the pain and discomfort go away, or is less noticeable and you can feel more energetic.

The reason for chiropractic care is to have a optimally functioning body and nervous system so you can adapt and be resilient with everyday life. Instead of having daily stresses taking a toll on your body, you are able to integrate these stresses and transform these stressful experience into a stronger more powerful you.

I feel great after seeing Dr. Dave and I do not have back pain after seeing him.
I see Dr. Dave and I always feel less stressed and I have less pain afterwards.